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We are witnessing the emergence of a new technology that is fundamentally changing the printing industry today, this is the e-book. Although the printed book will not disappear, in some segments the e-book will define the market. Therefore, we think, it is very important to produce high-quality e-books for our clients.

An e-book is a type of document that is not printed but is displayed on an electronic device (PC, monitor, e-book reader, mobile phone, etc.).

Its preparation is similar to the production of a printed book, but due to the technology, it is possible to insert external and internal references and to embed multimedia content. Nowadays, there are two widespread trends in e-books (but with the rapid development of technology, new opportunities are emerging):

PDF e-books with fixed layout design: We insert links, multimedia elements to the "traditional" layout here. The final result is similar to a traditional book, with little extras.

E-books with flexible layout design: These are the current epub, mobi, prc type e-books. Here, the content adapts to the readers' parameters (width, height, portrait, landscape). Since the goal here is to resize pages, there is no point, e.g. eliminating the widow in the layout design process. Our customers prefer this version when they want to publish their book only in e-book design.