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The author's happiest moment is to take his ready new book in his hand. We are working to surprise them with a really successful edition. It can be an individual family story printed in limited copies, or a private digital edition of a novel, or a color company history with offset printing. With professional specialists, quality machinery, and sophisticated subcontractors, we strive to print books that will stand on any bookshelf.

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Printing - FAQ

  • In what format can I submit materials? +

    PDF format is the most suitable for book printing because when opened and printed on another computer, the material and characters do not change, the lines do not slide apart. The Word format should be avoided, fortunately, the newer Word can save in PDF with one click.

    PDF version and color mode can be handled flexibly for books printed by a digital printing machine, but there are more restrictions on the parameters of the PDF by offset printing with a larger number of copies. In this case, we will be happy to help you create the right PDF.

  • What binding technologies do they work with? +

    a) With glued binding technology: made with glued binding machine, softcover with laminated cover. Cheap, most books are made with it;

    b) Thread binding hardcover technology: for many pages. More expensive but more demanding than glued binding. It can be mechanized for a larger number of copies, but for small copies, it is made individually by hand.

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