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We do all the elements of the layout and book-design work, from the manuscript and cover design to the final printing. Regardless of the style of the book, we strive for sophisticated typography, logical layout of the book, and readability.
The layout design is done “by hand”, page by page, following the rules of typography. The layout design is done in close contact with the customer. Thus, the final result will be a demanding fusion of the author's ideas and our professional knowledge.

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Book design - FAQ

  • What program is used to layout design? +

    The layout design is done in Adobe InDesign. An e-book is easily created with this program, too.
    We do not work in Word. We do not edit in a completed Word design because there are so many problems with it that it always turns out it would have been easier to redo it.

  • How does the work work together? +

    The first step in layout design is to discuss the parameters and needs, and then create sample pages. Here, we count on the active participation of the client, as every author has an idea of what kind of book they want.
    While the reconciliation (or proofreading) is in progress, we correct and convert the images before they are published.
    Based on the accepted sample pages, we will do the layout design. As soon as a larger part is ready, we will send it for review.
    We start the layout design on the first page and finish it on the last page. No major modifications are possible in the designed part, because after that we need to restart it from the corrected part. Of course, this is a typical rule that we often deviate :-)

  • How do I send the materials? +

    To separate text material and original photos are really good. The location of the images should be indicated in the text (eg highlighted in red). If the text and the image are together (eg in a Word document), it can be solved, but it does require extra work.

  • What material do I get at the end of the designing? +

    We will provide all the materials to the customer (if he wants).

    • All the materials, pictures
    • Files of the designed book (InDesign)
    • Files for the cover (Corel, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.)
    • The used fonts
    • Printable PDF 
  • Typography +

    Typography is the art and technique of designing the printed text and layout of text and image. The aim is to convey the information carried by the text as fully as possible to the reader, creating a uniform style and design. Typography helps us to reach this by using the building blocks (page, column, character, line, graphic) correctly.

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